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Orpheus Men's Choir


Formed in 2012.

It is a joint men's choir of the group "Koyukai", which consists of choirs for which Ko Matsushita is the music director and permanent conductor.

"Orpheus" is a bard and lyre master in Greek mythology.

He has a singing voice that even birds, animals, plants, and trees love to hear, and the name of the group comes from the desire to move people's hearts like he does.

The group's purpose is to contribute to the development of men's chorus by premiering new works and promoting excellent domestic and international works to the world.

In November 2012, they won the first prize in the popularity vote at the 11th Tokyo Male Chorus Festival.

In November 2013, they performed as an invited choir at the 12th Tokyo Male Chorus Festival with Pasi Hyökki (Finland) as conductor.

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