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Levente Gyöngyösi

Gyongyosi photo.jpeg

He was born in 1975 in Cluj/Kolozsvár(Romania).
He studied at Ferenc Liszt Music Academy. Hisprofessor was György Orbán.
He graduated on 5 May, 1999 with distinction. In the concert was performed also the first act of his opera, titled The Stork Calif. This two-act opera was performed on May 28, 2005 on the stage of the Opera House Budapest.
In the recent years he composed a large number of choral works for renowned Hungarian and international choirs, like the Pro Musica Girl’s Choir (Hungary),
Stellenbosch University Choir (South Africa) and Iowa State University Choir (USA).
His choir works are very popular in Japan and USA, but also in South Africa and Philippines too. Many times he worked as jury member at Interkultur events in Graz(2011), Cincinnati (2012) and Riga(2014). In addition to the choir works he composed 4 symphonies (the 3. was commissioned and performed by Budapest Festival Orchestra), Piano concerto, St. Luke Passion and Christmas Oratorio. His most important work, the opera-musical The Master and Margarita, was performed in Hungarian State Opera House 2021.
In 2005, he was honorate with the Erkel Ferenc-Prize through the Hungarian State – and in 2009 withtheBartók-PásztoryPrize,givenbytheMusicAcademyBudapest.

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