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György Orbán


Hungarian composer, György ORBÁN was born in Transylvania, Romania, Eastern Europe,  in 1947. He studied composition at the music academy of Cluj-Napoca/Kolozsvár/Clausenburg, a par excellence multicultural centre of Transylvania. After graduating in 1973, he taught music theory at the same institute. Since 1979, he lives in Hungary. He had been teaching composition and music theory at the “Liszt Ferenc” Music Academy in Budapest for 40 years. Retiring from his position in 2009, professor Orbán has been dedicated himself to composition ever since. 

Besides several acknowledgments, he was honoured with “Liszt Ferenc”-, “Bartók-Pásztory”- and Artisjus Award, as well as with “Kossuth”-Prize.

Orbán’s main interest is in choral music - such as oratorios, masses, a cappella or accompanied compositions for Latin, Hungarian and English sacred or secular texts. Approximately half of his forty compositions in Latin as well as Mass N°6 and 9, are widely known, becoming an integral part of the contemporary choral literature.

His instrumental compositions are varied from symphonic pieces, instrumental-vocal songs with accompaniment of one or more instruments, to brass music and, of course, chamber music. An important facet of his oeuvre is pedagogical – four volumes of little pieces for piano for those who make their first steps on this instrument. 

Orbán's works are published by Hinshaw Music Inc. Chapel Hill, NC (United States) - a member of Fred Bock Publishing Group -, Editio Ferrimontana Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and Editio Musica Budapest (Hungary).

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