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Chamber Choir VOX GAUDIOSA


Founded in 1997, the name of the choir is in Latin and translates to “voice of joy” .

Through its diverse repertoire ranging from Renaissance to Contemporary, Japanese to foreign music, the choir pursues musical expression brought about by just-intonation harmonies and rich musicality.

Aside from holding annual concerts, the choir participates in choral festivals and various events, and is actively involved in a variety of ventures including CD recordings, premieres of commissioned works, joint concerts with choirs both local and from overseas, among others.

 In 2011, the choir was awarded the Grand Prize of the City of Arezzo in the International Polyphonic Competition “Guido D’Arezzo,” advancing to the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing 2012 held in Maribor, Slovenia as a finalist.

To date, the choir has released various CDs, including Ko Matsushita Choral Works Anthology Vol. 1: Folk Songs, Ko Matsushita Choral Works Anthology Vol. 2: Prayers, and Winds from Tuscany.

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