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St. Cecilia Vocal Creators


Formed in 2013.

It is a joint women's choir of the group " Koyukai", which consists of choirs for which Ko Matsushita is the music director and permanent conductor.

"St. Cecilia" is a Christian saint. 

She is said to be the patron saint of music and musicians, and the name of the group comes from the desire to play music as pure and harmonious as hers.

The group's purpose is to contribute to the development of women's chorus by premiering new works and promoting excellent domestic and international works to the world.

In February 2020, they performed in the "Nighttime Concert" organized by Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre.


This concert will consist of members of “Intercollege Ladies' Choir Voces Fidelis”, “Brilliant Harmony”, “The Ladies' Vocal Artists Antheia” and “Tokyo Ladies' Consort"SAYAKA"”.

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