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Brilliant Harmony

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Founded in 1988. Music director & permanent conductor : Ko Matsushita.

Brilliant Harmony has been pursuing new possibilities in female chorus and rich musical expression through activities such as concerts and CD releases. Its performance is highly acclaimed both in Japan and abroad, winning awards including the Spanish "Trosa International Choir Competition" General Grand Prix and Italy's "Seguizzi International Choir Competition" Best Dojoir Award.  


In 2005, they were nominated for the first Asian women's choir to participate and performed in the "European Grand Prix Competition", which is held by gathering the Grand Prix organizations of the Six Great European Competition.  ln 2017, they participated to perform the background music of the movie “Sekigahara” (directed lby Masato Harada, starring Junichi Okada), which was nominated for the picture of the year in the Japan Academy Prize.

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